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Virginia consists of various toll facilities operated by various owners may be public, private, state-wide and regional authorities. All the facilities availed by the public are not free of cost charges are charged to the public in the form of toll tax. The toll is collected via an electronic system to avoid congestion on roads and to save time. Making journey convenient on roads needs to be funded on a large scale that’s why all the revenue of toll tax is invested in the development of the infrastructure.

Manually, toll collection is an older format and risky too in this period of the pandemic. Manual tool booths only collect cash with an exact amount to be payable for the toll tax no exchange is permitted. The electronic system of toll collection is widely accepted and easy to use. The need for cash in hand has been reduced. In the current scenario, all the toll transactions are processes via online payment or by processing the bill on mail. Virginia is operating an electronic toll collection system violation of which can result in penalty and additional charges.

Virginia Toll Road Length – Total Distance

Length of The Dulles Toll Road (Virginia Route 267), a highway in Northern Virginia is an 8-lane and 14 miles (22.7 km) long.

  • Lanes: 4
  • Length of the Lanes: 112 miles
  • Exit ramps off the Toll Road: 9 westbound and 8 eastbound
  • Westbound Toll Plaza Locations: 1 Main Toll Plaza and 9 Remote Ramp Plazas
  • Eastbound Toll Plaza Locations: 1 Main and 10 Remote Ramp PlazasVirginia Toll Roads Map

Virginia Toll Road Pass: VA EZ Pass

Virginia EZ Pass is an electronic toll collection system used in Virginia for toll collection. The travellers are needed to signup with an EZ pass account which would be prepaid, and balance of this pass is to be maintained in up to date manner. When a drive is made on the toll roads, the toll transaction amount is deducted by default from the prepaid EX pass account. This method of toll collection in the form of an electronic system of collecting taxes.

Virginia Toll Roads Account Login Procedure: Pay Tolls Online | Recharge Toll Card

Following are three easy Steps to Order EZ Pass Transponder online (credit card required)

  • Gather all the information needed to order EZ Pass online:
  • Contact details – address, phone number, email
  • Information about driving license
  • Vehicle and license plate information
  • Credit card information – name, number, expiration date and code
  • Fill out the online EZ Pass Application on the official website and select Personal Application or Business Application.
  • Install your EZ Pass.
  • Install the EZ pass.
  • EZ Pass transponder kit will be mailed within two business days of receiving the online order made by you. The kit will be containing an E-ZPass transponder, mounting adhesive strips, installation instructions and an explanation of the E-ZPass billing arrangement.

Login Method:

  • Go to the official website
  • Enter your username
  • Enter password
  • Tab on the button reading Login.

How to Pay Virginia Toll Roads’ Toll – Ways to Make Payments Online

Following are the various methods to pay for toll transactions on Virginia toll roads:

  • EZ Pass: To travel on these toll roads traveller must have an or -ZPass Flex
  • Exact Change:  The toll collecting machines accept the coins including only quarters and one-dollar coins.
  • EZ Pass and EZ SS Flex transponders are also acceptable.
  • Full Service:  staff is available 24/7 irrespective of day or night all the services are provided, and toll amount is collected via exact change amount and EZ passes.

Virginia Toll Roads Violation and Fines

When a driver passes through toll road without paying toll taxes the cameras on the toll plaza captures an image of the transponder affixed on the windshield and license plate then a violation bill with penalty charge is mailed to the registered owner. If this bill stays unpaid after 5 days of receiving it then a violation notice is sent with additional charges, penalty and toll transaction cost. The notice is to be responded and paid within 30 days of its issuance. If the notice is not responded in the given period than vehicle registration can be placed on hold.

Virginia Toll Road Schedule Operations

Virginia Toll RoadsThe Virginia toll roads scheduled operations are conducted by the following eight members committee:

Virginia Toll Road Costs and Fares

Dulles Greenway

  • Mainline Toll Plaza: 2-axle vehicles pay $3.25 toll
  • Dulles Toll Road: $1.50 at all the On / Off ramps
  • Mainline Toll Barrier: 2-axle vehicles pay 75 cents toll
  • Mainline Plaza – East & West Ramp: 25 cents
  • Route 60 Ramp: 25 cents
  • Courthouse Road Ramp: 50 cents
  • Chesapeake Expressway: 2-axle vehicles pay $8 toll if paying with cash or E-ZPass on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Chesapeake Expressway Discount: 75 cents are charged irrespective of weekdays on 2 axle vehicles.

Downtown Expressway

  • Mainline Toll Barrier: 2-axle vehicles pay 70 cents
  • 2nd Street Ramps: 35 cents
  • 11th Street Ramps: 30 cents

Pocahontas Parkway

  • Mainline Toll Plaza: 2-axle vehicles pay $4.50 toll
  • Laburnum Ave and Airport Drive Ramps: $2.60 toll

Virginia Toll Road Map

  • Dulles toll road in hybrid together with Dulles Greenway.
  • Outside the Dulles Access Road The 8-lane Dulles Toll Road is running.
  • A route to Washington Dulles International Airport is rendered by Dulles Access Roads.
  • Route 168 Chesapeake expressway runs from North Carolina NC-168 via Chesapeake and Norfolk to end near the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. It connects I-64 in Chesapeake to North Carolina and the Outer Banks.
  • Powhite Parkway Extension starts at Jahnke Rd and its expansion is from I-195 Powhite Parkway that is connected from Richmond into central Chesterfield County.
  • Downtown Expressway, SR 195, adjoins the West End of Richmond with Downtown Richmond.
  • Downtown Expressway has a mainline boundary and in intercourse toll plaza and ramp toll plazas with US-1 and US-301 and with US-60.
  • Powhite Parkway and SR 76, connects SR 288 towards the west of Downtown Richmond in Chesterfield County with I-195 and SR 195
  • Pocahontas Parkway, also known as SR 895 or Pocahontas 895, near Richmond International airport it adjoins the crossing of I-95 and SR-150 in Chesterfield County with I-295 comprising the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge over James River which is the only crossing on the river for six miles in either direction.

Virginia Toll Road, Bridges and Express Lanes

Following are the toll bridges, roads and express lanes:

  • Dulles Greenway (Route 267)
  • Dulles Toll Road (Route 267)
  • Powhite Parkway Extension (Route 76)
  • Pocahontas 895 (Route 895)
  • Dominion Boulevard (US 17)

Virginia Toll Road Bridges

  • George P. Coleman Bridge (Route 17)
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (Route 13)
  • South Norfolk Jordan Bridge
  • Elizabeth River Crossings (Downtown and Midtown Tunnels)

Virginia Toll Road Expressways

  • Chesapeake Expressway (Route 168)
  • I66 Inside the Beltway
  • RMA Expressway System

Virginia Toll Road Lanes

  • 495 Express Lanes (Interstate 495/Capital Beltway)
  • 95 Express Lanes
  • 64 Express Lanes
  • 395 Express Lanes

Pandemic and Safety Measures adopted by Virginia Toll Road Authority

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) state-wide due to COVID-19 and for the protection of the travelling populace, effective from  Monday, April 6, 2020, at 12:01 a.m. the Dulles Toll Road will remove all the manual staff from all the toll booths and discontinued all the cash toll collections. Only electronic payments and exact change coin payments will be accepted. For the Drivers without E-ZPass will pay by other forms of electronic payment or exact change otherwise a bill through the mail will be processed for toll transactions.

Updated: September 14, 2020 — 8:08 pm

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