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Indiana toll roads area units are maintained by ITRCC. The ITR concession company is awarded for being environmentally conscious. All operations are performed with taking in mind the fundamentals of environment protection.

Currently, the INDOT is not operating Indiana Toll Road. In 2006, a limited liability company has taken over a 75-year lease of the toll road for $3.8 billion. All the toll revenue is collected through an electronic system to avoid the paperwork load and fraudulent activity. Manually toll collection has been reduced at the level of none. Operating the toll roads manually is hazardous and time-consuming. The convenient traveling can only be availed only when you are offering something that can save both money and time.

Indiana Toll roads are also working on convenient traveling offerings by using the electronic mode of toll collections and provides the opportunity to pay via mobile or any other electronic device without stopping on the toll booths. New administration headquarters of Indiana toll roads are under construction by its private owner. Its formal name is Interstate90. The process of communicating planning to public and other organisations is undertaken by ITRCC.

Indiana Toll Road Length – Total Distance

Indiana Toll Road

The Indiana toll road is 156.28 miles (251.51 km) long and is approved with Interstate 90 for its whole length, together with Interstate 80 east of Lake Station, after having run concurrently with I-94.

Indiana Toll Road Cost

  • Standard passenger cars – $8.73 for users.
  • $8.70 – cash users along the section from Portage to Eastpoint, additional charges of $2.39 for IN EZ Pass users
  • $2.40 for cash users at the WestPoint barrier.

Indiana Toll Road Pass: IN EZ Pass

According to tollway authority data approx. Approximately all toll transactions on the Indiana Toll Road are collected electronically with I-Pass transponders. I-Pass transponders are used for paying the toll transaction on the toll plazas operating on E-ZPass system. I-Pass transponders cannot be used to make payment for other services where E-ZPass transponders are adopted for making payment. EZ passes are easy to use, time saver and make journey efficient. A single transponder is all you need in the vehicle. Now driving on E-Z Pass designated toll lanes are easy and timesaving. The toll is directly debited from a pre-paid account.

Indiana Toll Roads Website Signup Procedure

  • Go to the official website of Indiana toll roads
  • Enter your Email
  • Type your password-Your Password should consist of:
  1. 10 characters minimum
  2. UPPER/lowercase characters
  3. at least 1 number
  4. No restriction on symbols
  • Rewrite your password for confirmation
  • Enter all your profile information required
  • Make a check on checkbox asking your identity whether machine of human
  • Check the last box to accept and agree with the terms and conditions
  • Make a check on option reading the register.

How to Login to your Toll Road Account?

  • On the top right of the page, Tab on the button reading “E-ZPASS SM Login (if using a mobile device for login then you need to go on the top and choose the menu option “E-ZPASS SM Login”.)
  • Log in with the account you created just in the sign-up process at the time of transponder order.
  • To activate your transponder, select the option reading to
  • The mail you have received is needed to be attached
  • Type the activation number used for paperwork according to the mail received.

After completing the above-mentioned steps transponder will be active within one-three hours. If you are outside Indiana you may need to wait for more than 48 hours.

Indiana Toll Road Violation

When a traveler passes through the toll lane without paying then the Cameras at that toll plaza take an image of the license tag. If no signal is obtained and if no electronic toll account is found active then a notice of unpaid toll transaction detailing will be mailed at the address as recorded in the document of registration that was submitted to Indiana Statute at the time of purchase.  A Traffic Citation will be processed if unpaid toll notice is not responded. An amount of penalty together with toll transaction amount is also charged for violation. A vehicle hold notice may also be processed if notices are not responded repeatedly.

How to Pay Indiana Toll Road Tolls – Ways to Pay Toll

There are various methods to pay tolls in Indiana:

  • EZ Pass/RiverLink – transponders fixed in the vehicle
  • RiverLink Prepaid account – you have created an account but doesn’t have the transponder then the tolls are less than one dollar.
  • RiverLink No prepaid account – The maintaining agency takes an image of the license plate and a bill is processed to you by mail.
  • RiverLink – no cash payment accepted
  • EZ Pass or cash can be used to make payment.

Indiana Toll Road Map

Indiana Toll Roads MapThe maintenance and operations of Indiana toll roads are handled by ITRCC   having eight Travel Plazas on the Indiana Toll Road:

  • Four on eastbound and four on westbound.
  • The Indiana Toll Road (ITRCC) or I-80/90 is 157 miles lengthier across the northernmost part of Indiana from its border with Ohio to the Illinois State Line.
  • Chicago Skyway and downtown Chicago link is provided by the ITRCC.
  • The cities on the Great Lakes with the Eastern Seaboard which is the largest is tied by ITRCC.
  • The primary destinations in the South and on the Gulf, Coast is the links with I-65 and I-69 lead to

Indiana Toll Road Schedule

The building and supervision of federal interstates are handled by INDOT. It also manages the traffic control devices on these roadways, encompassing the signs and traffic signals. INDOT has six district offices that are operating to handle day-to-day operations on the toll roads  as construction and detours, traffic signal operations, permits, and maintenance operations –  and also the various other responsibilities.

The department of. INDOT operates approximately with other states, federal and local agencies to fulfil the movement and accumulating travel needs. INDOT is working with all the efforts decidedly towards the mission to the proposal, build and maintain a superior transportation system that can continuously increase the safety and economic growth of day to day increasing traveling comfort need.

Indiana Toll Road, Bridges and Express Lanes

Following are Indiana toll roads:

  • Indiana East-West Toll Road – Ticket System
  • Indiana East-West Toll Road – Barrier System

Following are Indiana toll bridges:

  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (I-65 South)
  • Abraham Lincoln Bridge (I-65 North)
  • Lewis and Clark Bridge (connecting the Gene Snyder Freeway in Kentucky with State Road 265 in Indiana)

Indiana Toll Road – Precautions opted for prevention and cure

The Indiana Toll Road is in the process of regulating the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the united states. In the view of minimizing the rapidly rising risk, they instantly executed a series of new strategies and custody which may temporarily affect the travelers.

  • Encouraging customers to use E-ZPass or credit card payment methods to reduce cash treatment procedures.
  • Manually operating customer service centres in Elkhart will remain closed until any further information.
  • Customers may have to face the waiting time period more than-usual delays on the toll plazas or call centre.
  • When operating on low staff, travelers’ patience is required during this time. Please make sure that the highest emphasis is on the safety of travelers and employees.
Updated: September 14, 2020 — 10:06 pm

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