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Colorado Toll Roads Login Procedure: Pay Tolls Online | Recharge Toll Card

Tolling is an even-handed tool for the drivers and travellers to pay only for the section of road used by them. Tolling is based on the “user-pay” principle. According to SANRAL’s approach which us one of the most advanced systems of toll collection in the world facilitates the particular design of each road on the basis of the need for that region of the road.

Electronic toll collection (ETC) is widely used wireless system that itself charges the amount of toll on the vehicles running on roads, lanes, toll bridges, and toll tunnels as per their distance covered on the toll road. It is a quick alternative which is now a day replacing toll booths, where vehicles must stop, and the driver manually pays the toll with cash or a card.

In most systems, vehicles using the ETC are equipped with an automated radio transponder device through which toll charges are automatically deducted from the account. The crucial benefit is that driver does not need to stop, reducing congestion Electronic tolling is reasonable as compared to staffed toll booths, also reduces the transaction costs for administration.

Colorado Toll Road Length – Total Distance

Colorado Toll Roads Map

Colorado toll road E-470 is 47 miles (76km) long. Toll roads in Colorado are not State highways these are owned and managed by E-470 Public Highway Authority. Its construction and operating cost of these toll roads doesn’t include any funding from state and federation government except a fee of $10 for vehicle registration.

Colorado Toll Road Pass – CO Go-Pass

Express Toll Electronic Tag (Go-Pass) is used to pay toll on the toll roads of Colorado. You need to have a pass to use any of the Colorado Express Lanes. An Express Toll account and Pass to redeem money is a must for drivers in Colorado. The Switchable transponder is one and only pass that enables you to select the carpool option and travel on the lanes for free of cost.

Benefits of Express Toll Pass

  • Lowest toll rates are applicable on this pass-holder
  • Automatic payment
  • Easy online account maintenance and update
  • The express toll rewards program offers discount and local deals.

Colorado Toll Roads Account Login Process: Pay Tolls Online | Recharge Toll Cards

Before you start you need to make sure having following detail of yours ready:

  • The license plate number of your vehicles
  • Make and model for your vehicles
  • E-mail address
  • credit card

Select from the below-given account type you need according to your driving schedule:

Account Type Selection

  • Express Toll Account: This type of is suitable for customers who intend to utilize any of Colorado tolled roads, lanes (E-470, Northwest Parkway, I-70 Mountain Express Lane, US 36 or I-25 Express Lanes). Express Toll customers also receive – Discounted toll rates, Access to the deals and discounts around town according to the Express Toll Rewards Program (deals and discounts around town) and the amenity of online account management Ease of voluntary payments.
  • HOV Only Express Toll Account: This type of account is suitable for customers who will be travelling in HOV mode on either US 36 or the I-25 Express Lanes. If you schedule to travel on the other Colorado tolled facilities (E-470, Northwest Parkway or the I-70 Mountain Express Lane), then select the normal Express Toll account option mentioned and discussed above. This is for personal accounts only and cannot be used for business purpose

Points to be considered:

  1. Number of occupants (3+) in the vehicle in order to qualify for HOV is a must.
  2. Vehicle must be a motorcycle or a motor with a Switchable HOV Transponder.

Note: HOV mode must be used at least once in the first six months after receiving the free Switchable HOV Transponder otherwise a charge of $15 will be charged as transponder charge.

If you are driving on a toll facility that does not allow HOV travel or TOLL mode, your account will be restored to a regular Express Toll account and a charge of $35 will be charged in prepaid tolls.

After you decide the account type, now select the method of sign up using any of the below-given ways:

  1. Sign up online
  2. Retail locations
  3. Service centre
  4. Application
  5. Express toll user agreement

CO Express Toll Account Login

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Select for log in
  3. Enter your Email or username or account number
  4. Type your password

From here you will be directed to your account.Colorado Toll Roads

Colorado Toll Road Violation and Fines

  • A License Plate Toll statement is mailed and to be paid by the due date otherwise, a second statement with late fees of a one-time$5 will be mailed.
  • If the second statement is also not paid till the due date, a third statement will be sent but no additional fees are charged. If the payment is still not paid and till 90 days, the account will become a felon and all the unpaid toll transactions will be transferred to a collections law firm to locate the customer and compile the payment.  The unpaid toll charges and the late fee of $5 with a one-time $20 collection fee are charged finally.
  • If payment is not made after a delay of 90 days too then a Civil Penalty Assessment Notice is mailed for the tolls not paid with all the amount in addition of $25 Civil Penalty per notice. On this document, you can also apply for the hearing process.
  • Vehicle registration may be placed on hold if any further action is not taken by the vehicle owner after receiving the civil penalty notice.

Colorado Toll Road Costs and Fares

It costs $14.25 for Express Toll customers and $22.55 for  License Plate Toll customers.

  • The Northwest Parkway: It costs passenger cars $4 on the mainline plaza and $1.35 on the ramp gantries.
  • Pikes Peak Highway: It charges $15 per person or $50 per vehicle from May to November and $10 per person or $35 per vehicle from December to April.

Colorado Toll Calculator: The tolls are for peaks and off-peaks at the time of travel.

Colorado Toll Road Map

Colorado toll road E-470 is a 47-mile-long toll road in the suburbs of Denver Colorado and crosses the eastern part of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area – Douglas County, Parker, Arapahoe County, Aurora, Adams County, Brighton, Commerce City, Thorton. E-470 administers Denver International Airport. It is the vastly direct route if it comes from the North or the South.

The Northwest Parkway is a 9-mile road operating from the intersection of I-25 and E-470 to US 36.

The Pikes Peak Highway is a 19-mile toll road that operates from Cascade, Colorado to the panel of Pikes Peak.

Ways to Pay a Toll on Colorado Toll Road:

  1. Go to the website to pay tolls online.
  2. Express Toll Customer Service Centre -on call
  3. Locate and go to the Express Toll Service Centre

22470 E. Stephen D. Hogan Parkway

Aurora, CO 80018

You can also pay using go pass or express toll account to pay the tolls as discussed above in this article. If passes are not used, then all the toll transactions are paid using licence plate statement which is mailed at the end of the month.

Colorado Toll Road Schedule

Colorado toll roads are managed and administered by E-470 public highway authority.

It (“Authority”) consists of eight member jurisdictions:

  1. Adams
  2. Arapahoe
  3. Douglas counties
  4. Cities of Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton, Centennial
  5. Town of Parker
  6. Affiliation-voting members are the cities of Arvada, Broomfield and Greeley, and Weld County.
  7. Ex-officio members are the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
  8. Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

These are organized by local jurisdictions under title 43 article 4 of state laws.

Colorado Toll Road, Bridges and Express Lanes

Colorado Toll Roads:

  • E-470
  • Northwest Parkway
  • Pikes Peak Highway
  • Trail Ridge Road

Colorado Toll Bridge:

  • Royal Gorge Bridge crossing Arkansas river

Colorado Express Lanes:

  • I-125 Express Lanes
  • US-36 Express Lanes
  • C-470 Express Lanes
  • E-70 Mountain Express Lanes
  • I-70 Express Lanes

Covid19 effect on Colorado Toll Roads:

In the view of making employees and drivers safe from the disease Express Toll Centre is working remotely until any further information notice is issued. Due to the changes work process has been slowed down and now customers have to wait for a longer period of time.

  • Modification has been done in working hours
  • On phone payment or payment from credit card has to be made
  • Online payment is needed to be done
  • Credit card information should be updated timely
  • Until any further notice is issued Express Toll Walk-up will remain close
  • Statement ID number must be there with your payment
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