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California Toll Roads: Pay Tolls, Road Pass, Maps & Rates, Violation

In the present era of technology, all tolls on the roads are collected electronically it may be said technology has grown up so much that nobody wants to take the paper risk and paperwork load. Electronically payments of tolls protect from every fraudulent activity that can be performed by any toll collector on the toll booth.

In this era of a pandemic where the disease has taken place worldwide, it’s not safe to appoint or handle the toll collectors on the toll booth this method of receiving payment may cause the spread of this pandemic disease.

In California, no toll booths are there at which you need to stop and make payment via cash. Drivers and visitors can make payment of toll within 5 days before or after travel. Toll payments can be made using the free application (app) or by visiting the official website online at

California Toll Roads Length – Total DistanceCalifornia Toll Roads Length

California toll roads comprise the length of 51Miles of state highway. The roads were introduced to people in the early 1990s. The construction, designing, and financing of these toll roads took the cost of completion over $2billion and its present value is $12 billion which comprises the cost of right -of- way and capital construction.

California Toll Road Pass: Fast Trak Pass & EZ Pass

To make payment electronically California uses the Fas Trak system as a pass state-wide. It comprises of an account and transponder payment can be made electronically on every bridge lane and road in California avoiding the need of stoppage, delay and cash payment. In California, 11 agencies are operating the toll process. You need to find the closet agency to find out the rules and correct transponder model that can be perfectly applied to your travel so that you can use the most of your FasTrak account.

Type of transponder (passes) may be a sticker, standard, flex (FasTrak switchable) and external transponders. For more information about transponders(passes), you can visit the official website also to find out your local agency.

California Toll Road Pass Important Details

  • Tolls are meant to be deducted from a prepaid account or from the credit card if charged individually
  • The listed vehicle on the account will get a transponder sticker.
  • Monthly account maintenance fees are not applicable
  • It can be used at every tolled bridge, lane and roads
  • An activity statement is made available to the account holder monthly
  • Maintaining account is easy and free if the app is used
  • Discounted toll rates are applicable on prepaid accounts

California Toll Roads Login Procedure: Pay Tolls Online | Recharge Toll Card

Before login you need to Signup for your account using the following options:

  1. Online order: using this process your FasTrak web account will be automatically created and it will mail your toll tags.
  2. Free app
  3. Visit customer service centre
  4. Call on (949)727-4800
  5. Retail purchase: at some places toll tags are available for immediate use you just need to pick up and register them online by creating an account using web account set up process.
  6. Mail order: by using mail and printing in a FasTrak application form you can order toll tags

Once your application is received by FasTrak your web account will be created after receiving the mail of toll tags you need to finish the process of creating an account by visiting our official website.

After having an account, you can log in into the account by using the app just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the app
  2. On the home screen choose Login
  3. Enter your account number
  4. Enter the username or transponder number
  5. Type your password
  6. Tab on the log in

California Toll Road Violation: Rules and Penalties

If a driver using Toll roads and does not pay tolls online or by using Fastrak a violation process will take place against each transaction. A penalty for violation in addition of toll charges will be charged and policy for non-payment will also be applicable.

Process of Violation Assessment:

  1. Picture of vehicles is taken on non-payment of toll whether online or by using FasTrak
  2. Review of the taken pictures is performed and Department of motor vehicles is sent plate information after this address and name of the registered owner is recognised within two weeks owner will get an email of the violation notice.
  3. In addition to the toll amount, a penalty of $57.50 is charged. The penalty can be waived if the owner doesn’t have any previous violation record but can be waived only for the first-time violation.
  4. Vehicle registration can be kept on hold if violation notice is not responded and a penalty of $42.50 will be assessed.
  5. Violation notices are mailed on the recorded address in DMV.

For any further inquiry, you can contact on (949)727-4800

California Toll Road San Diego

To reach San Diego State route 125 Toll road (south bay expressway). It provides a speedy and convenient way to Downtown San Diego.

The prices are reduced up to 40% by the new operator of the south bay expressway. The toll for electronic tolling account ranges between 50 cents to $2.75 and for payers who pay through cash or credit cards toll ranges between $2 to $3.50. Towards the minimum monthly toll amount, FasTrak customers receive credit when they use either the SR 125 or the I-15 Express Lanes.

SANDAG a public, a regional government agency is working on improving mobility in the San Diego region. SANDAG acquired the lease to add new potential and flexibility to the San Diego highway network.

For any further query related to using the SR 125 toll road, please call the South Bay Expressway Service Centre at (619) 661-7070 or visit the official website.

California Toll Costs | Toll Roads Costs

Costs vary and can range between $3 to $10/day + tolls, doesn’t matter you use it or not. The tolls are also collected at a flat rate at the following states at the

  1. Northbound exits and southbound entrances of La Paz Road($2.50)
  2. Aliso Creek Road($3.11)
  3. SR 133 ($3.76)
  4. Southbound exits and northbound entrances of Newport Coast Drive ($3.50)
  5. Bonita Canyon Drive ($2.12).

California Toll Road Map

California Toll Road MapCalifornia has five separate tolling agencies. These agencies distributed about more than 2.5 million FasTrak transponders now you need to get the transponder from the agency of routs maybe land, bridge or road you use the most. All five agencies have their own rules and minimum requirement. All and all FasTrak is applicable throughout California. Below is the classification of toll applicable router:

  1. 10/110 metro express lanes, San Diego county
  2. 91 freeways express lanes, Orange county
  3. State Route 125 south bay expressway, San Diego county
  4. State Route 237 express lanes, Santa Clara valley
  5. Interstate 580 express lanes, Alameda county
  6. Interstate 680 southbound express lane, Alameda county
  7. Interstate 680 express lanes, contra costa
  8. Bay Area bridges, San Francisco county
  9. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco county

Ways to Pay Toll on California Toll Road

Tolls on the California Toll Roads can be paid using any of the below-given methods:

  • Prepaid FasTrak® – prepaid tolls are eligible for a discount
  • Charged FasTrak – Tolls are indicted individually to the credit card on file
  • Invoice Fas Trak – Tolls are collected in form of monthly invoice (for a $2 fee)
  • The option of Pay Tolls Now – Tolls are paid online or through The Toll Roads free app within or after five days of driving The Toll Roads.

FasTrak is an electronic and online toll payment method can be used to pay on every tolled bridge, lane and road in California. A free sticker transponder is attached inside of a vehicle’s windshield.

California Toll Schedule

  1. Golden Gate bridge: highway and transport district are responsible for toll collection.
  2. Bay Area bridges: Bay Area toll authority is responsible for toll collection 24/7.
  3. Orange County toll roads (73,133,241 and 261): the transportation corridor agency is responsible for toll collection
  4. South Bay Expressway (San Diego): this is a private road which will operate for the next 35 years. Trucks are also allowed on this toll road.

Toll varies based on the distance you are travelling and the number of wheels on your vehicle.

Toll Road, Bridges and Express Lanes

Below given are the toll roads In California:

  1. The south bay expressway (SR 125 Toll road) operated by SANDAG
  2. Eastern toll roads (SR133)
  3. Foothill toll road (SR 241)
  4. Eastern toll roads (SR 241/SR261)
  5. San Joaquin Hills Toll Road (SR 73) is part of the Eastern Transportation Corridor system

Below given are the toll bridges in California:

The Antioch Bridge

  1. The Benicia–Martinez Bridge
  2. The Carquinez Bridge
  3. The Dumbarton Bridge
  4. Golden Gate bridge
  5. The Richmond–San Rafael Bridge
  6. The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
  7. The San Mateo–Hayward Bridge

Following are the express lanes in California:

  1. SR-91
  2. I-10
  3. I-110
  4. I-15
  5. I-580
  6. I-680
  7. Contra Costa

Toll collection (FasTrak) California and COVID19

In this era of the pandemic, cash toll collection is fully suspended. The customers will face no changes who already have Fas Trak account or pre-established licence plate payment. To all the other drivers a mail invoice will be sent on the address registered in DMV based on image (of licence plate) captured by a computerized high-speed camera which will be processed by Fast Trak customer service centre.

Customers who need to go out for purchasing requirement stuff at Costco or Walgreen stores they can buy a Fas Trak tag on these stores but will have to be activated online on the Fas trak website.

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